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Northcote Chiropractic Centre - Is your neck pain "Text Neck"
Is your neck pain "Text Neck" - Posted 31/01/2015
Smart phones and tablets have become popular in the last few years. The latest report by Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) showed that there are more mobile-phone accounts than the number of Australians, 31.01 million and 23 million respectively.

A paper by Dr Kenneth Hansraj, a spine surgeon in New York, noted that on average we spend 2-4 hours each day looking at our mobile devices. That's 700-1400 hours a year.

Look around, and you can see people using their devices in the mornings on the train, while on a lunch break, on the couch at home and also probably in bed just before we sleep. It's ok to do all of this, but the problem arises when we do this excessively.

An adult head, in the neutral position weighs 4.5-5.5kg. Now let's get in to device-using-posture. Bend your head forward, bringing your chin to your chest. Here are some numbers to get you thinking about the forces seen by your neck at various angles.
- 15 degrees = 12kg
- 30 degrees = 18kg
- 45 degrees = 20kg
- 60 degrees = 27kg

As you can see, the number more than doubles at just 15 degrees. So how can chiropractic help? Massage, exercise, posture advice and of course, neck adjustments! So if have neck pain, book in a chiropractic appointment and we will assess your cervical spine.

If you would like to read Dr Hansraj's report, it's titled Assessment of Stresses in the Cervical Spine Caused by Posture and Position of the Head and can be found at this link
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